Do you love your dog but dread going on walks?

If you are tired of being dragged down the street by your dog or your dog taking waaaaaaayyyyy too long on walks, then this course is for YOU! 

Walking your dog is more than just taking her out to do her business. Its a great way to build a strong relationship. spend time together, get some fresh air and exercise, not to mention meeting new friends. 

All these benefits to taking your dog on consistent walks get pushed aside when your dog is pulling you along. 

When your dog pulls on the leash, it can become unbearable to enjoy walks together.

Maybe you're experiencing...

  • Being dragged down the street  
  • Your dog pulling you when he sees other dogs or squirrels
  • Your dog having to smell everything
  • Side to side walking that causes you to trip
  • Blowing leaves get your dog pulling
  • A dog that is faster on walks and leaves you behind
  • Rude leash manners
  • Hurts your back or arm to walk with all the pulling 

You are not alone.

Pulling on leash walks is a common problem dog parents face everyday. 

Whether you have a new puppy, an old timer who never learned, or your dog's leash behavior has gotten worse overtime, it can be stressful and frustrating. 

The Who's Walking Who course will:

  • Help you gain control and confidence 
  • Show you the right tools to use
  • Show you how your dog thinks (it may be different than what you would expect)
  • Teach the best approach for you as a dog parent
  • Show you how your reactions could unknowingly contribute to the issue
  • Create the best dog walking routine
  • Teach your dog the training that will not only help on walks but in all areas
  • Teach you how to become a better dog parent with keen observations skills to be proactive on walks

Course Curriculum

  • 1

    Module 1: Let's Get Ready For A Better Walk!

    • Why do dogs pull?

    • Example of how an empty parking lot can help with training

    • Places to train your dog

    • How Dogs Learn

    • Dog Training Terminology

    • Dog Walk Affirmations

  • 2

    Module 2: Tools and Supplies to help Dog Parents

    • How to put a Harness (example is a Freedom Harness) on your dog

    • How to put a Gentle Leader on your dog

    • Tips on finding the right tools, supplies, and treats

    • Let's Talk Treats!

    • Who's Ready For A Walk?

  • 3

    Module 3: Practice Makes Perfect: Let's Train!

    • How to get your dog's attention with eye contact

    • How to teach watch me to your dog

    • How to teach your dog point

    • How to teach your dog touch

    • How to teach your dog heel

    • A couple other ways to get your dog to come and stay next to you

    • Ways to train your dog

  • 4

    Module 4: Troubleshooting typical questions and problems you may have during this course and while training

    • How sniffing can help in your training

    • Training your small dog

    • How to handle going around a corner, use distance, and a visual barrier to help you

    • What to do if your dog goes crazy over seeing the leash.

    • How a headlamp can help on night walks and help with the pulling

  • 5

    Module 5: Using clicker training to help with your dog's pulling

    • How to do Clicker Training

    • Clicker Training Terminology

About the Instructor

Dog Lifestyle Expert

Kristine Bennett

My name is Kristine Bennett and I am a dog lifestyle expert here to help make your dog-related decisions easier, so you can just enjoy being with your dog. I call myself a dog lifestyle expert, because I am all about helping YOU enjoy the dog lifestyle. In addition to being a dog trainer, I am also a vet tech and long-time owner of PetCarePros. My blog called the Well Mannered Pups is where I share my knowledge, tips, and offer support to help dog parents learn to speak dog and build a wonderful relationship. You can find more information on my blog